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April: IAOA Assembly, FOIS Reviewing, Summit Symposium

Following annual practice, the first 2014 IAOA Assembly is held in April, as announced by the President on March 25, see our blog. Its purpose is the discussion and approval of the 2013 Financial Statement and the 2014 Budget.

All IAOA members are kindly invited to cast their vote in the corresponding ballot during April 14-21, 2014 - not at least to meet the quorum of 50%+1 of the membership. Notice of the financial statement and budget can be taken from April 02 on, initiating a period for membership discussion on these items and possibly beyond. Thereafter, please cast your votes!

Mainly April is furthermore the time during which the Progamme Committee of our FOIS 2014 conference (September 22-25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is reviewing 83 research paper submissions and 15 contributions to the Ontology Competition. While the latter is a novel feature at this FOIS, solely the number of submitted research papers constitutes the highest number of initial submissions ever received in the FOIS conference series. Note that further immersion to the field is possible at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Summer School on Ontological Analysis (September 15-19, in Vitoria, Brazil) just before FOIS.

Ontology Summit 2014 culminates in the Symposium on April 28-29 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. This year's motto is "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology".
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