Special Interest Groups

The function of SIGs is to pursue significant long-term activity in a technical area within the broad field of the Association. The association actively encourages self-organising groups to form in areas of interest to the association’s members.

SIGs are intended to bundle and focus ontology-based work in specific areas. Activities of SIGs may include:

  • scientific meetings
  • conferences
  • journal special issues (e.g., in Applied Ontology)
  • dedicated webpages and mailing lists organised exclusively for educational and scientific purposes

All SIGs should share the association commitments to openness and participation by the community.

SIGs already established or in planning include:

If you want to set up a SIG of your own, see the short list of instructions here. If you want to join an existing SIG, just send a mail to the chair of the SIG you are interested in.