Second IAOA Interdisciplinary School on Ontological Analysis


Registrations are now closed, as we have reached full capacity at June 20th. If you would like to be notified in case there are any additional places, please e-mail

The event has a limited number of participants to ensure the quality of the interactions and the immersion experience. Registrations were made on a first-come first-served basis.

Registration fees

Registration Fees (in Brazilian Reais)
 Early registration
(before 15th June 2014)
Regular Registration
(before 31st July 2014)
Student IAOA MemberR$ 459,00R$ 765,00
Student non-IAOA MemberR$ 520,00R$ 840,00
Professional IAOA MemberR$ 765,00R$ 1.070,00
Professional non-IAOA MemberR$ 1.070,00R$ 1.300,00

All fees in Brazilian Reais (R$), amounts in Euro provided below as an indication of the exchange rate.

Registration Fees (EUR, indication only)
 Early registration
(before 15th June 2014)
Regular Registration
(before 31st July 2014)
Student IAOA MemberEUR 150,-EUR 250,-
Student non-IAOA MemberEUR 170,-EUR 275,-
Professional IAOA MemberEUR 250,-EUR 350,-
Professional non-IAOA MemberEUR 350,-EUR 425,-

The registration fee includes admission to all courses and coffee-breaks.

About IAOA Membership

For your convenience, we include below the membership fees for the different types of IAOA membership (values in Euro). For more information, please visit the IAOA Membership Type page. Note that fees are different depending on your country's classification in the United Nations' Human Development Index. To find your country's classification, please refer to the IAOA Country Classification page.

For example, Brazil is classified as high. So, an IAOA membership costs for Brazilian students circa R$ 30,00 (10 Euros) and for Brazilian Professionals circa R$ 90,00 (30 Euro).

If you have just applied for IAOA membership, sending your "IAOA request and payment receipt" to the registration office will suffice for eligibly to the reduced registration rates. Due to a number of requests, the "final confirmation of membership" is not required at the moment of registration.

IAOA Membership fees (in Euro)
IAOA Membership fees

Student Grants

A limited number of grants will be provided by IAOA to cover the registration fee on behalf of students. Applications for student grants should be sent exclusively by e-mail to by 3rd June 2014 (hard deadline) with subject "ISC 2014 - Application for Student Grant". 

Student grant applications consist of: (1) a 200-word statement of interest in the topic, describing how it relates to your areas of interest and study (in English);  (2) a resumé or curriculum vitae;  (3) proof of student status (undergraduate or graduate). 

The organization will select and notify applicants by 10th June 2014.


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