Mission Statement


The International Association for Ontology and its Applications is a non-profit organization the purpose of which is to promote interdisciplinary research and international collaboration at the intersection of philosophical ontology, linguistics, logic, cognitive science, and computer science, as well as in the applications of ontological analysis to conceptual modeling, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, information-systems development, library and information science, scientific research, and semantic technologies in general.

Main Activities

The main activities of the Association include:

  • Educating interested stakeholders on what ontologies are and how they can be effectively utilized;
  • Promoting cooperation among public and private institutions, cultural associations, consortia, and cooperative societies that pursue similar aims;
  • Establishing connections with national and international institutions that pursue similar aims;
  • Supporting the development of collaborations between research and industry;
  • Supporting international scientific exchanges, paying particular attention to rising and developing countries;
  • Supporting the publication of journals and books, potentially through direct agreements with publishing companies;
  • Stimulating research in areas related to the Association’s purpose through the establishment of scholarships, fellowships, and awards;
  • Organizing, potentially in cooperation with related organizations, scientific meetings, conferences, educational activities and similar events;
  • Creating temporary or permanent groups comprising members who share specific interests.