Payment options

Two modes of payment are currently offered during registration:

  • Bank transfer. You are warmly encouraged to choose this option if possible. IAOA’s bank account is in the SEPA euro zone. If your own account is not in the SEPA zone, please make sure all charges are paid on your side.
  • Paypal. Choose this if you cannot pay by bank transfer. Significant charges on IAOA are incurred by Paypal payments.

There is a third mode of payment called “Cash/Other” which is to be selected for special cases only, under request from the membership officer.

Credit card payments might be made possible in the future. However, you can in principle choose the Paypal option and be offered to pay with credit card as Guest Checkout, that is, without a Paypal account. Unfortunately, you may experience a known Paypal behaviour which, under not fully clarified circumstances totally out of our control, prevents you to see the credit card payment option with Paypal. If this occurs to you, try to clear cookies and/or change browser and/or locale and/or IP, it may (or not) help.