Statutory Bodies

The IAOA Statute specifies the general organization of the Association:

  • The Assembly is the topmost authority in the Association. Every personal member of the Association has voting rights in the Assembly. The Assembly elects the Executive Council and Board of Auditors.
  • The Executive Council administers the Association. It is elected by the Assembly. The Executive Council annually elects the IAOA President, Vice President, and Secretary, from among its members. It also annually appoints the IAOA Treasurer, from among the Council or the wider body of Association members. The Executive Council may appoint other offices, among its members or not.
  • The Advisory Board provides advice to the Executive Council and fosters continuity and long-term development of the Association.
  • The Board of Auditors audits Association books and records. It is elected by, and reports its findings to, the Assembly.

Details, including current elected and appointed roles, can be found on the pages linked above. For information about membership IAOA and voting rights in the Assembly, see Membership Benefits and Types and Fees

Administrative Committees

The Executive Council may form administrative committees as called for, supporting particular lines of administrative responsibility. Each administrative committee is led by an Officer designated by the Executive Council.  

Scientific Committees

Scientific committees pursue significant long-term activity in technical areas within the broad field of the Association. Each scientific committee is led by a chair or co-chairs designated by the Executive Council.

IAOA Fellows

IAOA has established an award of honorary fellowships in order to recognize distinguished scholars in the field of applied ontology.