Thank you for your interest in joining IAOA!

No fee for individuals, donations encouraged

The joining instructions have changed, please review the new ones reported below before proceeding.
In case of any difficulties with the instructions on this page or when following a procedure, please contact the membership officer at

The new membership scheme is simple:

  • Categories: Only two, individuals and institutions.
  • Fee: Individuals join for free and institutions pay a rate of 150€ per year.
  • Duration: Individual membership has no expiration date. Institutional membership is valid for exactly one year starting at the date at which the membership is approved by IAOA.
  • Institutions must appoint a representative who has to register additionally as an individual member. Note that the email address for the representative’s IAOA account and the email address for the institution’s IAOA account must differ syntactically. (You may use distinct addresses of the same person, e.g. first.lastname@<domain> and yourlogin@<domain>, any address will do).

Please keep in mind that this new scheme implies that we rely on donations from members to fund IAOA activities in the future. Institutional membership is another important way to support IAOA, financially and thanks to the entailed appreciation.

Registration suspended during voting period