Thank you for your interest in joining IAOA. In case of any difficulties with the instructions on this page or when following a procedure, please contact the membership officer at .

New Members – Instructions if you join IAOA for the first time

If you have not yet been a member of IAOA, please have a look at the membership types and fees to determine a suitable option of your choice. Then you should be ready to start the registration process with the registration form for new members. (Note that if an email address is already recorded in the membership database, the system cannot create a new record with the same address. Please see the section for current and former members below.)

The registration process involves further steps, such as the payment of the registration fee and possibly the submission of additional documents (e.g., a proof of enrollment). It will be completed by IAOA approving your membership if all requirements are met, of which you will be informed via email.

Membership is valid for exactly one year starting at the date at which the membership is approved by IAOA.

Current and Former Members – Instructions to renew membership

Please observe the following prior to the actual instructions:
In a longer process, IAOA has relocated from Italy to Switzerland, in the course of which membership renewal had been suspended until August 2018. Everyone (re)joining IAOA from September 2018 on thereby becomes a member of IAOA domiciled in Bern, Switzerland in accordance with the most recent applicable Statute of IAOA in Switzerland.

In general, current and previous IAOA members are invited to rejoin IAOA (in Switzerland) from October 2018 on. Those members who have registered for ISAO and/or FOIS 2018 as IAOA members, however, are requested to renew their membership by the end of September 2018.

For this purpose, individual members please follow the subsequent steps.

  1. Determine the email address with which you were registered as an IAOA member previously. (If the next step still fails after a few attempts, please feel free to inquire the membership officer at .)
  2. Access the renewal form with that email address.
    (Note that password management has changed with new IAOA website as of 2018. Your old password is no longer needed, but you will receive new credentials after your membership is (re)approved.)
  3. Check and possibly update your personal information, which has been transferred from IAOA in Italy for your convenience. In this step you can also change your membership type.
  4. Proceed to the payment page and possibly submit additional required documents or information to the membership officer.

After IAOA has validated your payment (and potential remaining requirements are met), your (re)new(ed) membership in IAOA in Switzerland will be approved.

Membership is valid for exactly one year starting at that date of approval.


Institutional members, in order to renew, are required to register with the registration form for new members, because the new membership database holds distinct records for institutions and their representatives (see the types and fees page for more details). First the institution must join, thereafter its representative can join (for free) via the same registration form.

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