Dear IAOA members,

our Statutes [1] require the Association’s Financial Statement to be formally approved every year by a (virtual) assembly.

This is a formal invitation to participate in the first 2019 virtual assembly, whose main purpose is to discuss and approve the 2018 Financial Statement.

The Financial Statement [2] is available from the Assembly page [3], together with the Auditors’ report.

Then the discussion on it (and possibly other issues concerning the Association) took place until April 05, 2019.

Finalized details on the assembly and voting procedure have been published on April 09, 2019 on the Assembly page [3].

The voting period is April 10-15, 2019. The ballot is now open, please cast your vote!

Everyone with an active IAOA membership is eligible to vote. Detailed voting instructions are available from the Assembly page [3] and have been distributed anew on April 10 just before ballot opening.

The Assembly may approve the Financial Statement by simple majority; there is no quorum. The outcome of the voting is planned to be announced to the members’ mailing list by April 18, 2019.

Laure Vieu

President, IAOA





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