2019 IAOA Summer Institute

July 22-25, 2019
Utrecht, Netherlands


The need to support spatial reasoning arises in domains as diverse as geographic information systems
and manufacturing, yet there has been little interaction between the industrial and academic communities
in these domains. The IAOA Summer Institute will bring together researchers from these domains
and explore topics in spatial representation and reasoning
such as notions of dimensionality, boundaries, shape, and location.

* What are the commonalities and differences among the research problems
that motivate the various communities that use spatial reasoning?
* Why is there not more ontology reuse and sharing among these communities?
* What applications drive the design of ontologies for spatial reasoning?
For example, location services are increasingly important for many companies.
Knowledge-based design of electromechanical devices with moving parts remains
a challenge in manufacturing.

Werner Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Simon Scheider (University of Utrecht)
Michael Gruninger (University of Toronto)

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