Results of the 1st IAOA Virtual Assembly 2019

Dear IAOA Members,

we are grateful to everyone who spent time on our Virtual Assembly and
who expressed their votes concerning the 2018 Financial Report. The
ballot was closed with the end of April 15, 2019 (anywhere = UTC-12).

The 2018 Financial Report has been approved by all participants of the
ballot except for one, who abstained. These results are listed below and
on [1,2]. Many thanks to everyone actively engaged!

In case there remain any further questions, please feel free to contact
[3] or send issues of general relevance to the members'
mailing list [4].

Additionally we thank Ken Baclawski for preparing the 2018 Financial
Report, the Auditors for their work controlling the report and the
books, and those who coordinated the ballot and set up the voting system.
Finally, thanks to you once more for your contributions.

Best wishes,
Laure Vieu
President, IAOA

== Voting results of the ballot in April 2019 ==

Ballot item: 2018 Financial Report [5]

Total number of members / entitled to vote:  72
No quorum required
Total number of votes:                       17
Participation rate:                          23.6 %

Ballot 1 (Approval of the 2018 Financial Report)
Yes:     16 (94.1%)
No:       0 ( 0.0%)
Abstain:  1 ( 5.9%)

== References ==






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