IAOA Second 2020 Virtual Assembly and Executive Council Elections

Dear IAOA members,

The second 2020 IAOA Virtual Assembly will soon be open, and we will be selecting members for the Executive Council. These elections follow the regulations in the IAOA Statute as of Jun 23, 2016 [1,2].

All members of the Executive Council come to the end of their terms at the end of 2020. The current Executive Council has decided to keep the present number of people, so nine (9) persons need to be elected.

If you have not renewed your membership in the last 12 months, then your membership has most probably elapsed; please apply for renewal [3] before making a nomination or otherwise participating in the election. (Memberships are valid individually for one year, starting from the date of approval of the membership/renewal request. In few cases, more than 1 year membership may apply.)

For the next few weeks, we foresee three main phases:
Candidature, Campaigning, and Elections, as follows.


A – Candidature phase (from October 28 to November 9)

At least two members (a proposer and at least one seconder, none of whom should be the nominee) are required in order to make a nomination. The members making the nomination shall ensure that they, as well as the nominee, are current members of the association, and that the nominee shall accept the nomination.

PLEASE START NOW IN MAKING YOUR NOMINATIONS, by means of a message posted to [4] iaoa-member@ovgu.de and specifying the proposer, the seconder(s), the nominee, and optionally some motivations and/or a candidate’s position statement (which can be circulated afterwards). We have also set up a wiki page to discuss these elections at

[5] https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2020_11 .

Please feel free to send any editing comments to [6] iaoa-election@ovgu.de .

Nominations can be freely discussed on the members’ mailing list [4,7] from the nomination time to the end of the campaigning phase.


B – Campaigning phase (from November 10 to November 16)

Campaigning can start with the first candidate nomination, i.e., during the candidature phase. Once that phase is closed, there is still a week available for active campaigning and discussion on the members’ mailing list [4,7].


C – 2020 IAOA virtual assembly eBallot (from November 17 to November 22)

In this period you will be asked to vote for nine Executive Council candidates. Please be so kind as to participate in the vote even if you decide to abstain, so we can count you among the participants. The more participants, the stronger the result of the election will be!

The list of candidates and their position statements will be made available through the IAOA Election wiki page [5].

Results will be announced to the mailing list [4] and the wiki page [5].

We will be grateful for any efforts and contributions to the 2020 EC election.
Active involvement in IAOA through Executive Council membership is a highly valuable service to the whole community. Please do consider nominating candidates!

Laure Vieu
President, IAOA

1] https://iaoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/iaoa-ch-statute-2016-06-23-en_v12.pdf

[2] https://iaoa.org/index.php/about/statute-and-bylaws/

[3] https://iaoa.org/index.php/join/

[4] iaoa-member@ovgu.de

[5] https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2020_11

[6] iaoa-election@ovgu.de

[7] https://listserv.ovgu.de/mailman/listinfo/iaoa-member




Dear IAOA members,

herewith you receive the October newsletter on events that cover research in ontology (conferences, workshops, etc.) or are associated with IAOA (e.g., meetings of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Committees). These newsletters shall inform you about upcoming events and their corresponding deadlines. They may also include short reports of interesting past events, for example, by IAOA members who attended them. The planned frequency of the newsletters ranges from monthly to bi-monthly. This service complements the calendars of events [1] and deadlines [2], which we run for gathering event information. Please notice that such calendars are now easily accessible from the right sidebar of the landing page of the IAOA website [3] and from the Events page [4].

Should you have any further suggestions, comments or questions on this service, please let us know by writing to the Association [5] or publicly to the membership [6].

Should you be aware of events that you wish to be added to the calendar, you may write to [7].

IAOA Executive Council

[1] calendar: “IAOA Check Events”

[2] calendar: “IAOA Check Deadlines”

[3] https://iaoa.org/

[4] https://iaoa.org/index.php/events/

[5] info@iaoa.org

[6] iaoa-member@ovgu.de

[7] calendars@iaoa.org


* 19th International Semantic Web Conference
November 1-6, Athens, Greece (virtual meeting)

Website: https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/

* 11th Workshop on Ontology Design and Pattern (WOP 2020)
November 1, Athens, Greece (virtual meeting)

Website: http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/WOP:2020

* 15th International Workshop on Ontology Matching (OM 2020)
November 2, Athens, Greece (virtual meeting)

Website: http://om2020.ontologymatching.org/

* 39th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2020)
November 3-6, Vienna, Austria (virtual meeting)

Website: https://er2020.big.tuwien.ac.at/

* 1st Workshop of the International Cartography Association Commission on Geospatial Semantics (CGS 2020)
November 19, Redlands, CA, USA (virtual meeting)

Website: https://easychair.org/cfp/CGS2020

* 2nd Iberoamerican Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC 2020)
November 26-27, Merida, Mexico (virtual meeting)

Website: http://www.kgswc.org/

* 1st Indo-American Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC-India 2020)
November 26-27, virtual meeting

Website: http://www.kgswc.org/indo-american/

* 19th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
(IEEE ICMLA-2020), special session on Deep Learning and Ontology
December 14-17, Miami, Florida, USA (virtual meeting)

Website: https://www.icmla-conference.org/icmla20/ss/SS-9.pdf


* 29th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2021)
Track on Artificial Intelligence in IS Research and Practice (AIISRP)
June 14-16, Marrakech, Morocco

Deadline for submissions:
*** Wednesday, November 18 (papers submission)

Website: http://www.ecis2021.com/tracks-description

* International Semantic Intelligence Conference (ISIC 2021)
February, 25-27, New Delhi, India

Deadline for submissions:
*** Friday, November 20 (workshop papers submission)

Website: https://www.ifis.uni-luebeck.de/~groppe/isic/

* 33rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2021)
June 28- July 3, Melbourne, Australia

Deadline for submissions:
*** Saturday, November 28 (abstracts submission)
*** Friday, December 4 (papers submission)
*** Friday, January 15 (tutorial proposals submission)
*** Tuesday, January 19 (PhD award proposals submission)
*** Friday, March 12 (forum papers submission)
*** Monday, April 12 (Doctoral Consortium submission)

Website: https://caise21.org/

* European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2021)
June 6-10, Hersonissos, Greece (possibly virtual meeting)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Friday, December 11 (abstracts submission)
*** Friday, December 18 (papers submission)

Website: https://2021.eswc-conferences.org/


* Executive Council (EC) Meeting

next meeting: n.251, November 2, 13:30 UTC
default dates: bi-weekly, on Mondays, 13:30 UTC

EC Webpage:

* SWAO SIG Meetings – Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG

next meeting: n.83, November 2, 14:00 EDT
default dates: 1st Monday of each month, 15:00 EDT

Mailing list archive: https://listserv.ovgu.de/pipermail/iaoa-swao/

SWAO wiki: https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/SWAO:Home

Last SWAO Meeting Webpage:

Next SWAO Meeting Webpage:

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