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IAOA Executive Council

[1] calendar: “IAOA Check Events”

[2] calendar: “IAOA Check Deadlines”







* 2nd Iberoamerican Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC 2020)
November 26-27, Merida, Mexico (virtual meeting)


* 1st Indo-American Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC-India 2020)
November 26-27, virtual meeting


* 19th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
(IEEE ICMLA-2020), special session on Deep Learning and Ontology
December 14-17, Miami, Florida, USA (virtual meeting)


* 3rd Workshop on Natural Language Generation from the Semantic Web (WebNLG+)
December 18 , virtual meeting


* International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence – Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-PRICAI 2020)
January 7-15, Yokohama, Japan (virtual meeting)


* 6th Workshop on Semantic Deep Learning (SemDeep-6)
January 7-8, Yokohama, Japan (virtual meeting)


* International Semantic Intelligence Conference (ISIC 2021)
February 25-27, New Delhi, India

Deadline for submissions:
*** Friday November 20 (workshop papers submission)


* 33rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2021)
June 28- July 2, Melbourne, Australia

Deadline for submissions:
*** Saturday, November 28 (abstracts submission)
*** Friday, December 4 (papers submission)
*** Friday, January 15 (tutorial proposals submission)
*** Tuesday, February 19 (PhD award proposals submission)
*** Friday, March 12 (forum papers submission)
*** Monday, April 12 (Doctoral Consortium submission)


* 3rd Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK 2021)
June 14-16, Zaragoza, Spain

Deadline for submissions:
*** Monday, November 30 (workshop proposals submission)
*** Friday, February 5 (papers submission)
*** Friday, March 26 (workshop papers submission)


* Geospatial Technologies and Geographic Information Science for Crisis Management (GIS)@ ISCRAM 2021
May 23-26, Virginia, USA

Deadline for submissions:
*** Sunday, December 6 (papers submission)


* European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2021)
June 6-10, Hersonissos, Greece (possibly virtual meeting)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Friday, December 11 (abstracts submission)
*** Friday, December 18 (papers submission)


* 21st International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2021)
May 18-21, Biarritz (France)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Monday, January 4 (abstracts submission)
*** Monday, January 11 (papers, workshop and tutorial proposals submission)
*** Saturday, February 20 (demos, posters and doctoral consortium submission)
*** Saturday, February 27 (workshop papers submission)

* 12th International Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT 2021)
June 21-23, Dubai, United Emirates (virtual meeting)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Monday, January 11 (abstracts submission)



* Executive Council (EC) Meeting

next meeting: n.253, November 30, 13:30 UTC
default dates: bi-weekly, on Mondays, 13:30 UTC

EC Webpage:

* SWAO SIG Meetings – Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG

next meeting: n.84, December 7, 14:00 EDT
default dates: 1st Monday of each month, 15:00 EDT

Mailing list archive:

SWAO wiki:

Last SWAO Meeting Webpage:

Next SWAO Meeting Webpage:

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Conclusion of the IAOA Second 2020 Virtual Assembly and Executive Council Elections

Dear IAOA Members and Followers,

The nomination phase for the 2020 Executive Council election has closed on November 10, 2020. In addition to Ken Baclawski, Oliver Kutz, Frank Loebe, Fabian Neuhaus, Laure Vieu, and Amanda Vizedom who are candidates for re-election, we have three new candidates: Torsten Hahmann, Megan Katsumi and Emilio Sanfilippo.

We thus have nine candidates for nine positions. The current Executive Council, during its meeting on November 16, has acknowledged all candidates and confirmed that in this situation the election follows the procedure according to Article VII, Section 4, of our earlier Bylaws (IAOA with its new Swiss statutes is still in the process of elaborating new bylaws):
“If the number of candidates is not larger than the number of
vacancies, no ballot is required and the nominated candidates
are deemed to have been elected.”

In conclusion of the election, the new Executive Council for the period of 2021-2022 consists of:

  • Ken Baclawski, Northeastern University, USA
  • Torsten Hahmann, University of Maine, USA
  • Megan Katsumi, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Oliver Kutz, Free University of Bolzano, Italy
  • Frank Loebe, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Fabian Neuhaus, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany
  • Emilio Sanfilippo, LOA, ISTC-CNR, Trento, Italy
  • Laure Vieu, IRIT-CNRS, University of Toulouse, France
  • Amanda Vizedom, Credit Suisse, USA

The new officers will take up their roles on January 1st, 2021, when the current period of office comes to an end. At its first meeting, the new EC will also newly elect the holders of the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Finally, we would like to thank the three outgoing Executive Council members, Roberta Ferrario, Michael Gruninger and Maria Keet, for their outstanding service to the community.

Laure Vieu
President, IAOA

November SWAO Monthly Report

The Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) Special Interest Group is embarking on a project to develop ontology articulation guidelines. There are different kinds of ontology for different purpose, such as concrete solutions to specific engineering problems and models for conceptualization. We will articulate the distinctions among various purposes, with different guidelines for different purposes. The intent of this project is to create a guide that will be easy enough to use, but still provide a greater measure of ontological analysis. The guidelines will be expressed as a collection of wiki pages on and will build on the terminology on this wiki.