Dear IAOA members,

one of IAOA’s missions is to foster research on Ontology and the dissemination thereof. The Executive Council is seeking proposals to sponsor scientific events in the domain of Applied Ontology. Given the current pandemic situation, we are open to proposals of physical as well as virtual meetings, e.g., workshops, conferences, summer schools. The goal is to support new initiatives in the community at large rather than to provide repeated funding. The events eligible should be scheduled to take place between July 2020 and June 2021.

If you would like to organize a scientific event with the support of IAOA, please provide the following information:

1.) Event title and description of topic
2.) Primary organizer contact information (with email address)
3.) Names and affiliations of all organizers; please indicate
who among the organizers is currently an IAOA member
4.) Dates (approximately, if no dates are fixed yet) and venue
5.) Event of which the event is a satellite (if applicable)
6.) Pointer to descriptions of previous editions of the event, if any
7.) Format of the event and schedule
(for example, paper presentations, tutorials, demo sessions, etc.)
8.) How much money you need from IAOA (up to 500 Euros per event)
and how it is planned to be used
9.) Any additional funding from sources other than the IAOA
(already confirmed or targeted)
10.) Plans for dissemination of the event’s result(s)
(publication in proceedings, special issue in journals, etc.)
11.) Projected audience: numbers, level
(students, academics, researchers, business people, etc.)
12.) Other information worth mentioning (program committee, etc.)


Submission of proposals: 25 June 2020 (Thursday; UTC-12)


Submissions and questions regarding funding proposals should be sent to .

Best regards,
Frank Loebe
(IAOA Secretary)

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