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IAOA Executive Council

[1] calendar: “IAOA Check Events”

[2] calendar: “IAOA Check Deadlines”

[3] https://iaoa.org/

[4] https://iaoa.org/index.php/events/

[5] info@iaoa.org

[6] iaoa-member@ovgu.de

[7] calendars@iaoa.org


FOIS 2020 is part of a great wider event, the Bolzano Summer of Knowledge; JOWO and ISAO are also part of it. However, given the coronavirus crisis, the situation is at the moment not completely clear, the latest updates are the following:

*** FOIS 2020: the in-person meeting is postponed to Sept 13-16, 2021, while the proceedings will be made freely available online towards the end of 2020.
*** JOWO 2020: among the workshops originally included in JOWO 2020, some will take place as virtual events, others are postponed to JOWO 2021. Please check the specific websites for more information.
*** ISAO 2020: the in-person summer school is postponed to September 2021
*** EKAW 2020: will be a virtual event in September 2020 with publication of proceedings sticking to the original timeframe.
*** ICBO 2020: will be a virtual event in September 2020 with publication of proceedings sticking to the original timeframe.

Please check the webpages for updates:

*** BoSK 2020: https://summerofknowledge.inf.unibz.it
*** FOIS 2020: https://fois2020.inf.unibz.it
*** JOWO 2020: https://iaoa.org/jowo/
*** ISAO 2020: https://isao2020.inf.unibz.it
*** EKAW 2020: https://ekaw2020.inf.unibz.it/
*** ICBO 2020: https://icbo2020.inf.unibz.it/


* Fair Heritage: Digital Methods, Scholarly Editing and Tools for Cultural and Natural Heritage (FAIR 2020)
June 17-18, Tours, France (virtual meeting)

Website: http://www.lestudium-ias.com/event/fair-heritage-digital-methods-scholarly-editing-and-tools-cultural-and-natural-heritage

* 8th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop (LDAC 2020)
June 17-19, Dublin, Ireland (virtual meeting)

Website: http://linkedbuildingdata.net/ldac2020/

* ER Online Summer Seminars (EROSS 2020)
Every Wednesday, starting from June 24

Website: http://krdb.eu/eross-2020/

* Journées francophones d’Ingénierie des Connaissances @ Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle (IC@PFIA 2020)
June 29- July 3, Angers, France

Website: http://pfia2020.fr/ic-2020/

* 10th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS 2020)
June 30 – July 3, Biarritz, France (partially virtual meeting)

Website: https://wims2020.sigappfr.org/

* 12th Biennial Collective Intentionality Conference (Social Ontology 2020)
July 13-16, Neuchatel Switzerland (virtual meeting)

Website: https://isosonline.org/Social-Ontology-2020

* 2nd Iberoamerican Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC 2020)
July 28-31, Merida, Mexico (exploring virtual conference options)

Website: http://www.kgswc.org/

* Robophilosophy Conference
August 18-21, Aarhus, Denmark

Website: https://conferences.au.dk/robo-philosophy/

* 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020)
August 29 – September 2, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (virtual meeting)

Website: http://ecai2020.eu/

* 33rd International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning (QR 2020)
August 29 – September 2, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (virtual meeting)

Website: https://sme.uni-bamberg.de/qr2020/

* 29th IEEE International Conference On Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2020)
August 31 – September 4, Naples, Italy

Website: http://ro-man2020.unina.it/


* 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020)
August 29 – September 2, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Deadline for submissions:
*** Saturday, June 20 (Doctoral consortium applications submission)

Website: http://ecai2020.eu/

* Explainable Logic-Based Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (XLoKR20)
September 12-14, Rhodes, Greece

Deadline for papers:
*** Monday, June 22 (papers submission)

Website: https://lat.inf.tu-dresden.de/XLoKR20/

* 6th Workshop on Formal and Cognitive Reasoning (FCR 2020)
September 21-25, Bamberg, Germany (exploring virtual conference options)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Tuesday, June 30 (papers submission)

Website: https://www.fernuni-hagen.de/wbs/fcr2020

* 11th International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO 2020)
September 16-19, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy

Deadline for submission:
*** Tuesday, July 7 (tools and applications, early career and poster tracks submission)

Website: https://icbo2020.inf.unibz.it/

* 39th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2020)
November 3-6, Vienna, Austria (possibility for virtual attendance)

Deadline for submission:
*** Monday, July 27 (workshop papers and tutorial proposals submission)

Website: https://er2020.big.tuwien.ac.at/

* Workshop on Scalable Knowledge Graph Engineering (SKALE 2020)
September 16, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy (exploring virtual conference options)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Wednesday, August 5 (abstracts submission)
*** Friday, August 7 (papers submission)

Website: https://skale-workshop.gitlab.io/

* International Workshop on Ontologies for Autonomous Robotics (ROBONTICS 2020)
September 13, Bolzano-Bozen (virtual event)

Deadline for submissions:
*** Friday, August 7 (papers submission)

Website: https://robontics2020.github.io/

* 19th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2020)
November 2-6, Athens, Greece (virtual meeting)

Deadline for submission:
*** Monday, August 10 (poster, demo, industry track submission)
*** Monday, August 17 (workshop papers submission)
*** Wednesday, August 19 (reproducibility track submission)

Website: https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/

* 10th Joint International Conference on Knowledge Graph (JIST-KG-2020)
November 20-22, Bangkok, Thailand

Deadline for submission:
*** Monday, August 10 (abstracts submission)
*** Monday, August 17 (papers submission)

Website: https://language-semantic.org/jist-kg-2020/


* Executive Council (EC) Meeting

next meeting: n.243, June 23, 13:30 UTC
default dates: bi-weekly, on Tuesdays, 13:30 UTC

EC Webpage:

* SWAO SIG Meetings – Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG

next meeting: n.80, July 6, 14:00 EDT
default dates: 1st Monday of each month, 15:00 EDT

Mailing list archive: https://listserv.ovgu.de/pipermail/iaoa-swao/

SWAO wiki: https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/SWAO:Home

Last SWAO Meeting Webpage:

Next SWAO Meeting Webpage:


* Ontology Summit 2020
June 17, 12:00 EST, virtual meeting
(the Ontology Summit is organized and run by the Ontolog Community)
default dates: every Wednesday, 12.00 EST

*** http://ontologforum.org/index.php/OntologySummit2020
*** http://ontologforum.org/index.php/WikiHomePage
*** http://ontologforum.org/index.php/ConferenceCall_2020_06_17

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