Ontology Summit 2022 — Pandemics and Other Disasters

Ontology Summit

The Ontology Summit is an annual series of events that involves the ontology community and communities related to each year’s theme chosen for the summit. The Ontology Summit was started by Ontolog and NIST, and the program has been co-organized by Ontolog and NIST along with the co-sponsorship of other organizations that are supportive of the Summit goals and objectives.

Ontology Summit 2022 Theme: Pandemics and Other Disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic as well as other pandemics and disasters have
prompted an impressive, worldwide response by governments, industry, and
the academic community. Ontologies can play a significant role in search,
data description, interoperability and harmonization of the increasingly
large data sources that are relevant to disasters such as the COVID-19
pandemic. This summit will examine the role that ontologies can play in
disasters. The first track will be an overview of the notion of disaster.
The other tracks will examine how the different kinds of disaster are
employing ontologies.

(always at Noon US/Canada Eastern Time)

January 19, 2022 Overview of the Summit and Tracks
January 26, 2022 Josh Lieberman and Paul Churchyard: Overview of the OGC
Disaster Pilot
February 2, 2022 Doug Lenat Representation and Reasoning Lessons Learned
in Building Cyc
February 9, 2022 Chris Mungall and Justin Reese on COVID-19 Knowledge
February 16, 2022 Doug Lenat Followup Session
February 23, 2022 Matthew West ; Open Discussion
March 2, 2022 Asiyah Lin on Post-workshop Report of WCO-2020: Workshop on
COVID-19 Ontologies
March 9, 2022 Michael DeBellis and Biswanath Dutta
March 16, 2022 John Beverley on The Subtle Art of Modeling Pandemics
March 23, 2022 Alpha Tom Kodamullil on COVID-19 Multilingual Ontologies
March 30, 2022 Pandemics Synthesis
April 6, 2022 Krzysztof Janowicz on Wildfires and KG issues (tentative)
April 13, 2022 Dave Jones on ESIP (tentative)
April 20, 2022 Karen Moe on Disaster observations from space (tentative)
April 27, 2022 Panel on Environment Disasters (tentative)
May 4, 2022 TBD
May 11, 2022 Robert Rovetto on Aerospace and Maritime Disasters
May 18, 2022 TBD
May 25, 2022 Rama Suresh on Situational Awareness Project (tentative)
June 1, 2022 TBD
June 8, 2022 Aerospace and Maritime Disasters Synthesis
June 15, 2022 Communique Preparation
June 22, 2022 Communique Preparation
June 29, 2022 Communique Preparation

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