FOIS 2023 workshops and tutorial

List of accepted workshops at FOIS 2023:
(for updates on the workshops/tutorial, visit FOIS2023)

** CAOS VII: Cognition And OntologieS
Organizing Committee:
Guendalina Righetti, Maria M. Hedblom, Oliver Kutz, Stefano De Giorgis

** Where next? The present and future of geospatial ontologies
Organizing Committee:
Boyan Brodaric, Michael Gruninger, Torsten Hahmann

** 2nd Workshop on FAIR Ontologies and Ontologies for FAIR (Onto4Fair)
Organizing Committee:
Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Clement Jonquet, Cassia Trojahn

** The Integrated Food Ontology Workshop (IFOW)
Organizing Committee:
Damion Dooley, Matthew Lange, Hande Küçük McGinty, Anoosha Sehar

** International Workshop on Ontologies for Services and Society (OSS)
Organizing Committee:
Bart Gajderowicz, Daniela Rosu, Janna Hastings

** 2nd International Workshop on Knowledge Management and Process Mining for Law (KM4LAW)
Organizing Committee:
Davide Audrito, Luigi Di Caro, Francesca Grasso, Roberto Nai, Emilio Sulis

** 2nd Modular Knowledge Workshop (MK)
Organizing Committee:
Loris Bozzato, Torsten Hahmann, Cogan Shimizu, Antoine Zimmermann

** 7th Workshop on Foundational Ontology (FOUST VII)
Committee: Fumiaki Toyoshima, Riccardo Baratella, Oliver Kutz, Stefano Borgo


**Objects, Wholes, and Parts by Antony Galton

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