IAOA Ordinary Assembly 2023

Dear IAOA members,

soon a 2023 IAOA Ordinary Assembly [1] will be held online, the main purpose of which is to examine and approve the 2022 IAOA Financial Report (forthcoming).

   –> The most important dates of the assembly are:

       – Thu, Aug 24 – proposals of additional agenda items due

       – Thu, Sept 07 – discussion phase ends

       – Thu, Sept 07 – assembly called to order, ballot starts

       – Fri, Sept 15 – ballot closes

       – TBD within Mon-Wed, Sept 18-20 – public assembly session

                             (during the online part of FOIS 2023)

The assembly session will address general updates on IAOA, recent and upcoming major events as well as the results of the ballot. Please see the assembly page [1] with further details on the overall assembly. Note that the 2022 Financial Report and Auditors’ report are forthcoming by Aug 28, 2023.

  –> All members are welcome to propose additional agenda items

      until Thu, Aug 24, 2023.

We will be grateful for your participation in the ballot as well as for any prior input on the matter during the discussion phase (e.g., writing to [2]). Active involvement in IAOA is valuable to our whole community. Proposals for additional agenda items may be made by replying to this email, or sending a separate message to the mailing list [2].


Oliver Kutz

President, IAOA


PS: Trying soon to access the Utilities [3] page in the Members’ Area  helps you to ensure access to the voting system during the ballot.


[1] https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2023_09

[2] iaoa-member at ovgu.de

[3] https://iaoa.org/index.php/member-area/utilities/


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