IAOA 2022 Assembly Announcement

Dear IAOA members,

soon the 2022 IAOA Assembly [1] will be held, which consists of a session for synchronous exchange in hybrid mode during JOWO 2022 [2,3], preceded by a virtual phase which will include, besides potentially further matters, the Executive Council (EC) election for the period of 2023-2024.


Your membership may have elapsed, unless you renewed it in the last 12 months. Please check and feel invited to renew [4], if necessary. Gentle reminder: *MEMBERSHIP IS NOW FREE*

Your IAOA membership is the prerequisite for participating in the assembly and the election, in particular, including for making and supporting nominations for the nine (9) positions available.

–> The candidature phase is opened with this message, so

Note that nominees must be aware of and agree to their nomination beforehand.

–> The most important dates of the assembly and election schedules are:

– Wed, Jul 27 – nomination closes, additional agenda items due
– Mon, Aug 08 – assembly called to order, ballot(s) start
– Mon, Aug 15 – ballot(s) close
– Thu, Aug 18 – Assembly session (synchronous, hybrid) and end


Besides that, please see below for further details on the overall assembly and the process of the election. The same, possibly updated information is maintained at the assembly page [1], including the agenda as it evolves.

We will be very grateful for any efforts and contributions to the 2022 EC election. Active involvement in IAOA through Executive Council membership is a highly valuable service to the whole community. Please do consider nominating candidates!

Laure Vieu
President, IAOA

[1] 2022 IAOA Assembly

[2] JOWO 2022 website at iaoa.org

[3] JOWO 2022 website at Jönköping University

[4] page for becoming an IAOA member

== IAOA Assembly in August 2022 ==

Latest information is available at this page for the assembly:

[1] https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2022_08

Please feel free to send any editing comments to
[5] iaoa-election at ovgu.de .

=== Assembly schedule ===

– Preparation phase
– Announcement (by the IAOA President) of Assembly, incl. election process: Jul 08 by email
– Proposals for additional agenda items due: Jul 27
– Finalizing agenda, material and preparations by: Aug 07
– Assembly
– Call to order (by the IAOA President): Aug 08
– e-ballot(s) period: Aug 08-15
– Assembly session: Aug 18 (session end concludes the assembly)

== 2022 IAOA Executive Council election (for 2023-2024) ==

The elections of the IAOA Executive Council (EC) follow the regulations in the IAOA Statute as of Jun 23, 2016 [6,7].

All EC members come to the end of their terms at the end of 2022. Thus the new Executive Council takes office on January 01, 2023, regularly until December 31, 2024.

By decision of the current EC, nine (9) persons are to be elected, thereby keeping the present number of EC members.

=== EC election schedule ===

– Candidature phase
– Nomination and Discussion opens: Jul 08
– Nomination closes: Jul 27 (AoE = UTC-12)
– Candidates list published: Jul 28
– Campaigning by candidates:
– Continues from Jul 29
– Campaigning closes: Aug 07
– Election
– Ballot opens: 00:01, Aug 08 (CEST)
– Ballot closes: 23:59, Aug 15 (AoE = UTC-12)
– Announcement of election results: before or on Aug 18

=== Phase descriptions ===

For the next few weeks, we foresee three main phases:
Candidature, Campaigning, and Election, as follows.

==== A – Candidature phase (from July 08 to July 27) ====

At least two members (a proposer and at least one seconder, none of whom should be the nominee) are required in order to make a nomination. The members making the nomination shall ensure that they, as well as the nominee, are current members of the association, and that the nominee shall accept the nomination.

*PLEASE START NOW IN MAKING YOUR NOMINATIONS,* by means of a message posted to [8] iaoa-member at ovgu.de and specifying the proposer, the seconder(s), the nominee, and optionally some motivations and/or a candidate’s position statement (which can be circulated afterwards).

Nominations can be freely discussed on the members’ mailing list [8,9] from the nomination time to the end of the campaigning phase.

==== B – Campaigning phase (continuing from July 29 to August 07) ====

Campaigning can actually start with the first candidate nomination, i.e., during the candidature phase. Once that phase is closed, there is still over a week available for active campaigning and discussion on the members’ mailing list [8,9].

==== C – Election phase (from August 08 to August 15) ====

In this period you will be asked to vote for nine Executive Council candidates. Please be so kind as to participate in the vote even if you decide to abstain, so we can count you among the participants. The more participants, the stronger the result of the election will be!

The list of candidates and their position statements will be made available through the IAOA Election wiki page [1].

Results will be announced on the mailing list [9], the assembly page [1], and during the hybrid Assembly session at JOWO [2,3] on Aug 18.

== Links and addresses ==

[1] https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2022_08

[2] https://www.iaoa.org/jowo/2022/index.html

[3] https://ju.se/en/collaboration/events-and-conferences/conferences/jowo-2022.html

[4] https://iaoa.org/index.php/join/

[5] iaoa-election at ovgu.de

[6] https://iaoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/iaoa-ch-statute-2016-06-23-en_v12.pdf

[7] https://iaoa.org/index.php/about/statute-and-bylaws/

[8] iaoa-member at ovgu.de

[9] https://listserv.ovgu.de/mailman/listinfo/iaoa-member

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