IAOA extra-ordinary assembly now open

The IAOA extra-ordinary assembly is now open, namely the voting period for the approval of the IAOA Financial Report 2021.

Information regarding this extra-ordinary assembly is on the wiki page: https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/IAOA_Assembly_2022_11

The ballot is open from now, November 30, till December 06, 2022 (23:59, AoE = UTC-12).

To cast your vote, you have to:

* log in onto our website,  i.e. at https://iaoa.org/wp-login.php
(Note: if you cannot log in, you might have lost your password –see https://iaoa.org/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword, or you haven’t renewed your membership. Membership registration is blocked during the ballot period.)

* go to the 2022 Financial Report Approval page at https://iaoa.org/members/users/iaoa-vote2022a.php
(voting page also accessible from the Utilities page in the Member Area)

* cast your vote by clicking your preference in the voting form and submitting it

Should you have any question, comment or motion proposal, feel free to send a message to info@iaoa.org, or to post a public message to this list.

Please don’t forget to cast your vote, even if you intend to abstain. Every vote is important!
The voting period closes on December 6, 2022 at 23:59, AoE (= UTC-12)

Voting results will be announced on the mailing list on December 09, 2022.

Should you have any doubt or problem, don’t hesitate to contact the IAOA Secretaries, Megan Katsumi and Frank Loebe at secretary@iaoa.org

Thanks for your participation

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