February 2017 Newsletter

Dear IAOA members,

herewith we start a newsletter series on events that cover research in ontology (conferences, workshops, etc.) or are associated with IAOA (e.g., meetings of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Committees). These newsletters shall inform you about upcoming events and their corresponding deadlines. They may also include short reports of interesting past events, for example, by IAOA members who attended them. The planned frequency of the newsletters ranges from monthly to bi-monthly. This service complements the calendars of events [1] and deadlines [2], which we run for gathering event information.

We hope you will find such updates useful and welcome proposals to add events the scope of which covers (elements of) research in ontology. Should you have any further suggestions, comments or questions on this service, please let us know by writing to the Association [3] or publicly to the membership [4].

IAOA Executive Council

[1] calendar: “IAOA Check Events”

[2] calendar: “IAOA Check Deadlines”

[3] info@iaoa.org

[4] iaoa-member@ovgu.de


* 2017 Ontology Summit (weekly sessions: February 22 – May 10, 2017)
The Launch session will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017,
starting at 17:30 UTC (**). We will have presentations from each of
the track champions, outlining their plans for upcoming sessions.

** Ontology Summit webpage
** Launch Session webpage (Feb 22, 2017)
** local times of Launch Session start time (17:30 UTC)


* FOUST 2017 – The Foundational Stance (workshop)
February 27-28, University of Bolzano, Italy

Website: http://foust.inf.unibz.it/
Involvement: IAOA funding of 500 EUR (EC meeting n.164, Feb 13)


* AISB CAOS 2017 – Cognition And OntologieS (2nd workshop)
April 18-21, University of Bath, UK

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, February 28 (all submissions)
Website: http://caos.inf.unibz.it/
Involvement: IAOA funding of 500 EUR (EC meeting n.164, Feb 13)


* LDK 2017 – Language, Data and Knowledge (1st Conference)
June 19-20, Galway, Ireland

Extended deadline for submission: Thursday, February 23
Website: http://ldk2017.org/

* IDC 2017 – 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed
October 11-13, Belgrade, Serbia

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, April 4 (papers)
Website: http://idc2017.pmf.uns.ac.rs/

* ER 2017 – 36th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling
November 6-9, Valencia, Spain

Deadlines for submission:
** Monday, April 10 (abstract submission)
** Monday, April 17 (paper submission)
Website: http://er2017.pros.webs.upv.es/

* DL 2017 – 30th International Workshop on Description Logics
July 18-21, Montpellier, France

Deadlines for submission:
** Friday, April 28 (paper registration)
** Monday, May 8 (paper submission)
Website: https://project.inria.fr/dl2017/

* ISWC 2017 – 16th International Semantic Web Conference
October 21-25, Vienna, Austria

Deadlines for submission:
** Monday, May 8 (abstract submission)
** Monday, May 15 (paper submission)
Website: http://iswc2017.semanticweb.org/

* SEMANTiCS 2017 – The Linked Data Conference
13th International Conference on Semantic Systems
September 11-14, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deadlines for submission:
** Wednesday, May 17, 2017 (abstracts)
** Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (papers)
Website: http://2017.semantics.cc


* Executive Council Meeting n.165, March 06, 2017
EC Webpage: https://www.iaoa.org/iaoaorga/council/council.html

* EduTC Meetings – Technical Committee on Education
Default dates: under redetermination as of March 2017
(was: 1st Wednesday of each month, 14:30 UTC)
date for n.18 (in March 2017): TBD more precisely
EduTC Webpage: https://www.iaoa.org/iaoaTC/TCeducation/TCeducation.php

* SWAO SIG Meetings – Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG
Default dates: 1st Monday of each month, 18:30 UTC
yields: n.41 – March 06, 2017, 18:30 UTC
n.42 – April 03, 2017, 18:30 UTC
Last SWAO Meeting Webpage:


* 2017 IAOA Summer Institute
University of Toronto, Canada

Dates: exact dates TBD in the next EC meeting n.165, Mar 06, 2017, likely in the 1st half of August 2017
Duration: 4 or 5 days
Website: TBA
Status: initial announcement planned for around March 01, 2017

* ONTOBRAS 2017 – 9th Brazilian Ontology Research Seminar
August 28-30, 2017, Brasilia, Brazil

Website: TBA
Involvement: IAOA funding of 1,000 EUR (EC meeting n.164, Feb 13)

* JOWO 2017 – 3rd Joint Ontology Workshops
Dates: targeting at November or December 2017
Status: early planning and coordination phase

* FOIS 2018 – Formal Ontology in Information Systems and
ISAO 2018 – Interdisciplinary School on Ontological Analysis
(it is intended that both events are temporally well-matched)

Dates and location: TBD
Status: IAOA Executive Council reviews proposals to determine
local host(s)/location

1st Virtual Assembly during April 14-21 for 2013 Financial Statement and 2014 Budget Approval

[copy of today’s address to the membership by the IAOA President Michael Gruninger]
Dear IAOA members,our Statute requires the Association’s financial statement and annual budget to be formally approved every year by a (virtual) assembly, announced at least 15 days in advance. So this is a formal invitation to participate in the first 2014 virtual assembly, whose main purpose is to discuss and approve

our Statute requires the Association’s financial statement and annual budget to be formally approved every year by a (virtual) assembly, announced at least 15 days in advance. So this is a formal invitation to participate in the first 2014 virtual assembly, whose main purpose is to discuss and approve the 2013 Financial Statement and the 2014 Budget. Our financial status is safe, not only anticipating this year’s FOIS conference and Summer School. Overall, we are actively supporting participation in a wide variety of novel as well as traditional IAOA initiatives.

The relevant documents (Financial Statement plus Budget) will be published on April 02, 2014.

The discussion on the Budget (and possibly on any other issue concerning the Association) will take place between April 02 and April 09, 2014.

Finalized details will be published by April 11, 2014.

The voting period will be April 14-21, 2014. Detailed voting instructions will be distributed in advance and will be available at [1].

The quorum is satisfied if the number of votes exceeds 50%+1 of the IAOA membership count, determined on April 13. If we are not able to meet the quorum requirement, a second call will be necessary. The outcome of the voting will be announced to the members’ mailing list until April 30, 2014.

Please be aware that your vote takes just a few minutes, but is of huge importance to let our Association move forward. Guaranteeing that the IAOA is truly open and democratic is our first priority, and you will certainly understand that it requires a huge investment of voluntary time. We really count on your support!

Let me take this opportunity to express the gratitude of the whole IAOA Executive Council to our acting Treasurer, Laure Vieu. She did an excellent job in keeping our finances under rigorous control as in previous years, making at the same time everything transparent and understandable in any detail. Serving as Treasurer since IAOA’s inception, Laure is currently passing on the respective duties to our new designated Treasurer Fabian Neuhaus, under whose direction the 2014 budget has already been prepared, and to the new Membership Officer Claudio Masolo. We are grateful for their readiness and contributions.

SIG for Semantic Web Applied Ontology? Let us know what you think!

There is an informal proposal before the EC to form a Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG aiming to fill the gap between the Semantic Web community and the IAOA community. Some people have shown interest in this initiative. As part of investigating this issue, wed like to get feedback from IAOA members.


Often the two communities seem to think they have nothing in common, whereas some of us believe they share many common goals, common technologies, and a common interest in well-engineered applied ontologies. Many of us in IAOA promote and use Semantic Web technologies and reasoning methods; similarly, many in the Semantic Web community advocate more rigorous and principled ontologies based on ontological analysis. Therefore, we have proposed a Semantic Web Applied Ontology SIG to bridge the gap between our two communities before it gets wider. This SIG would support communication and collaboration with our colleagues in the Semantic Web (and Linked Data) community.


Are you interested in this SIG? What do you think the SIG should do? How might the SIG work to bridge the gap? Would you participate in this SIG?


Please let us know your thoughts about such a SIG.




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